Minimum Rental Duration: 1 day


Key Features and Specifications
  • Capacity: 5-Ton, 11,000 lbs. / 5,000 kg.
  • Proof Load: 16,500 lbs. / 7,500 kg.
  • Span: 15 ft.
  • Clear Span: 12 ft.
  • Overall Height: 178 in.
  • Adjustable Height Range: 106-154 in. (8 in. increments)
  • Weight: 715 lbs.
  • Lightweight and Portable - can be moved when under FULL LOAD!
  • Quick and Easy two-wrench assembly from the ground up – no rigging equipment required.
  • ALL-Aluminum-Alloy Construction (Legs, Beam, Beam Trolley).
  • All-Bolted Construction (No Pins) for the strongest assembly.
  • Legs and End Plates bolted for solid leg structure - tied to beam with 18 inch Cheek Plates and Gr. 9 plated (chromate) fasteners.
  • Engineered extruded hollow Aluminum Box Beam (proprietary design) that is stronger and lighter than traditional I-Beams. Aluminum billet carry handles make it easy and safe to carry beams.
  • Beam Lengths from 6 to 30 feet (custom heights also available).
  • Adjustable height in 8 inch increments.
  • Simple two-bolt height adjustment with Operator-Friendly Handles.
  • Includes Crosby Shackles and Master Links.
  • Includes Locking "Surround-Beam" Top Riding Trolley that prevents it from derailing. Rubber Rollers reduce beam damage and rolling resistance.
  • Includes Locking Casters (independently for swivel/roll), so crane can be steered when moved.
  • Struts and Leg Extrusions are sized to fit Gantry Crane Capacity, Lift Height, and Beam Length.
  • Proof Load tested to 150% of Lift Capacity with a Certificate of Test.
  • Certificate of Test shows: Lift Capacity, Proof Load, Date of Certificate, and Serial Number.
  • Supplied with an Engineer's Stamped Drawing specific to Model Series or Custom Model.